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Pudhukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan – Music Review

Posted by sathishjustin1986 on July 12, 2010

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s growth in Tamil film music is exponential. The youngest of all music directors creates magic with fully westernized music and mesmerizes the youth nowadays. Also the producers are more interested in bringing youth to the theatre by doing youthful subjects and undoubtedly Yuvan is the right choice for scoring such films and he is doing a good job all the time. 

The most important thing is he is capable to score any kind of song Melodies, Fast numbers, Gana songs, Classical, Remixes etc., currently he is the minimum guarantee music director of Tamil film music. After great hit albums like Kadhal konden and Kurumbu Yuvan has come up with yet another youthful album, Pudhukottayilirundhu Saravanan. 

1.  Naatu sarakku 

Singers: Danush, Ranjith, Lavanya

This is usual College Gana song and a good dance number. This song is definitely going to become hit like Manmada Rasa. But the lyrics are a bit Vulgar. Usually heroes like Kamalhaasan,Vijay and Simbhu sing some songs for themselves and Danush gets added to the list by this song. His voice is okay for a Gana song. Even his voice is good and fits the rhythm of the song. The beats in the song is that of  “sight adippom dum adipom” song. The “thaarare thaarare” chorus bit is good. It has become a trend now to end such songs with some funny dialogues and it is done in this song also. 

2.  Malargale

Singer: Bombay Jayshree

This is a classic soulful melody and the best song in this album. If the tune and the music make 50% impact the rest is the sweet voice of Bombay Jayshree. Apt voice chosen. The song starts with a sound of disturbed water. In the pallavi he uses soft beats in the background and when it comes to saranam you can listen only the voice and some sounds without any beats in the background that elevates the feel. The song ends with the sound of vessel disturbed. He has used some material sounds more than musical instruments in this song. The sound effects are good, real and crystal clear. 

3.  Where do We Go

Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Unfortunately, this song lasts only for 3.5 minutes. It sounds like a soft rock song. The guitar is well used in this song. Yuvan himself has sung this song and proves that he is a good singer too. He is becoming monotonous in singing and doesn’t try different but only this kind of songs suits his voice let him better continue the same. I think Yuvan is fond of this chant “Who ho ho ho” because often he uses this is many of his songs particualry the songs that he sing himself and in this song too.

4.  Pudhu Kaalam

Singer : Ranjith, Chinmayee

This is another melody song in this album but similar to “malargale” but it is duet and the voice gives a complete fresh feel to the song. Ranjith who has sung additional tracks of the film “Kadhal konden” has sung this song well. Chinmayee’s voice is sweet,sweeter and sweetest and her pronunciation is good. The lyrics are also good. The soft beats sounds for the whole song and as like his father he has used group violin pieces at the end of each line in the first saranam and it is well composed and good to listen. But later in the second saranam for the first line the song ends with a flute bit but stops there then the song continues without any instrument piece in the end of each line it would have been better if flute bit is used at the end all the lines in second saranam. 

5.  Baby baby

Singers: Carla, Yuvan

It is a 100% westernised song. You could not believe that it is a Tamil song until you hear the Tamil lyrics .The song starts with English lyrics sung by a foreign singer Carla and then Yuvan continues and fills the rest of the song. Again the guitar is well used in this song. The saxophone interlude is good. The lyrics are average. The song ends with sounds of different percussions which is well organized and composed. You like at the moment you hear but easily forgettable song. Again he has used “woh ho ho” chant in this song also. 

6.  Pudhukottai Saravana

Singers:Kunal, Hema sardhesai, Nitish

This is a fast number and a western song again. The guitar interludes are good. The lyrics is good first part goes like giving advice for a person how to manage and live in a strange foreign place and the rest is like admiring the beauty of the places. 

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